The title of this chat with the 2016 AVAPM Conference Keynote Speaker Dr Alison Lambert from OnSwitch in the UK just about sums up her very popular sessions during the conference held in Sydney during July.

Her company OnSwitch "helps practices across the country improve their business shape by converting more callers into clients, boosting turnover and providing a focus and impetus for staff customer care training. It is an essential part of veterinary business management."

In this short chat we had with Dr Alison you'll hear....
* What Are Aussie Vet Businesses Doing Wrong?
* The Key Message For Vet Practices!
* How Much Impact Does The Telephone Really Have?
* Creating Good Processes
* What The 'Master Class' Is All About
* A few Simple Tips If You Missed The Conference!

Dr Alison's website: 

VETtalk On-Hold


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